We offer capability-building programmes, workshops, and coaching.



These are designed to equip large companies with the skills necessary to quickly explore new ideas alongside existing offerings, or equip smaller fast-moving companies with valuable skills for scaling. One such programme is Driving Innovation - Callaghan Innovation's 12 month skills development programme. We helped to develop the Driving Innovation Programme and are a current delivery partner. Callaghan Innovation also co-funds this initiative. 


Our workshops deep-dive into some of the worlds top methodologies for building innovation capability, such as Agile, Lean Startup, and Business Model Design. They are a lightweight but powerful way to gain skills without going through an entire programme. Our workshops are offered as one-offs or as a complementary series.

One specific workshop that we have run for a number of customers is a series of roadmapping workshops, to develop their product and technology roadmap - refer Roadmapping.



To complement our programmes and workshops we offer on-demand coaching; supporting product teams through their skills development and then subsequent application into projects.