We deliver capability-building programmes, workshops, and coaching to high-growth companies.


We teach some of the world's top methodologies and help embed these into leading New Zealand businesses.



We help companies improve their innovation capabilities and capacities, specifically around customer development, business model design, idea management and Agile product development.

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We set up effective internal processes, which leave companies with widely adopted new-idea & growth frameworks. This allows them to continue scaling while effectively managing and propelling new ideas.

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Culture & Growth

We work with large companies to embed innovation-centric mindsets within the organisation, and we work with smaller, fast-growing companies to equip their teams for scale.

The big thing for me is its really focused our attention on what’s important for the business, and then we’ve gone hard after those innovations that really could benefit the business at the current time.
— Mike Maunsell, Director Network Operations at Downer NZ, regarding the Driving Innovation Programme


Our workshops deep-dive into some of the worlds top methodologies for building innovation capability, such as Agile, Lean Startup, and Business Model Design. They are a lightweight but powerful way to gain skills without going through an entire programme. Our workshops are offered as one-offs or as a complementary series.

One specific workshop that we have run for a number of customers is a series of roadmapping workshops, to develop their product and technology roadmap - refer Roadmapping.



To complement our programmes and workshops we offer on-demand coaching; supporting product teams through their skills development and then subsequent application into projects.