We're now officially The Misprint Co. Offsetters!

This great startup takes waste paper from businesses and universities, and turns it into good looking notebooks.

The Misprint Co. provide two main services, Ecolooping and Offsetting:

Ecoloop Service
Companies get a Paper Collection Box, and can start filling it with paper. When the box is full (or has enough paper to make some notebooks) it is collected, notebooks are created, and the company receives them back. The book covers are any design the company chooses, and can be given to clients or used as marketing material to promote sustainable practices.

Offsetting Service
Again, when the box is full The Misprint Co. collects it, but the notebooks created are sold to the general public with Misprint Co. branding. The company's paper is a donation only.

We're joining the likes of Metservice, Pukeko Pictures, Massey University and many others who are all supporting this awesome initiative.

The startup was recently selected to take part in the Low Carbon Challenge, an accelerator programme helping ventures in energy, transport and waste minimisation scale up their impact in lowering carbon emissions. Ventures have access to funding, which they then need to match themselves. The Misprint Co. will be crowdfunding the remainder via PledgeMe - you can keep updated via their Twitter and Facebook about how you can pledge.

They also went through last year's Lightning Lab Manufacturing accelerator in 2015, which we were proud to support with one of our Innovation Fundamentals workshops. They are really helping to pave the way for sustainable business.