After a year of development and testing, Driving Innovation has now gone live. We helped to develop the programme at the direction of Callaghan Innovation, and are the current delivery partner. 

Driving Innovation is a 12 month skills development programme designed to help businesses increase both the value and rate of innovation efforts. 

The programme delivers up to 200 hours of support, and uses an iterative coaching approach to teach agile principles and embed these into a company's product development process.

Companies currently running through Driving Innovation include Downer NZ and Ixom NZ.

It’s allowed us to have a complete mind shift in our perspective, or the way that we look at Innovation within the business.
— Antoni Tisot - Innovation & Development Manager at Downer NZ

The Driving Innovation pilot began at the start of 2015, after we had seen firsthand the need for companies to adopt improved methods. We used our experience across a range of companies and industries, and our knowledge of modern methodologies and processes to develop the programme. 

Driving Innovation is designed to help businesses maximise the value delivered to customers, the value captured by the business, and return on innovation investment.

Ideal participants are established and/or growing businesses with 20+ full time staff. They are already looking to assess current innovation practices, increase their pace of innovation, maximise value through testing and validation, and embed new practices to drive long-term changes and capability.

It’s bought a lot of velocity to projects we manage now.
— Leah Davey - Process Cleaning Technologies (PTC) IXOM

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