I was honoured to attend and speak at last week's #JAFAC conference, along with an all-star lineup of New Zealand Agile experts. 

My top 3 takeaways from #JAFAC:

1. Leap

The Agile mindset is leaping out of software development, and is breaking into lots of different contexts, including innovation and other areas of business.

2. Learn

Education was a strong topic at the conference. Particularly how our education system is coping with nurturing 21st century talent. In short, there are gaps...especially in our schooling system. We were excited to hear about Hobsonville Point School held up as an example of a school for the 21st century, and the growing number of passionate teachers and educators seeking to move education forward. Take a look at #edchatnz on Twitter to join the conversation.

3. Love

Unconditional love as an underlying theme to team cultures is a known fact in promoting high performance teams. Google released a blog recently on their findings when looking at the characteristics of high performing teams. It was no surprise to us that psychological safety was the most influential factor effecting performance. We said this in spaces during the conference, where the atmosphere was kept collegiate and collaborative.

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A Few Great Tweets

Snippets of gold from #JAFAC shared through Twitter:

Check out this collection of all tweets from the day courtesy of Mark McGuire.

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