lightning lab manufacturing

We are proud to announce that Velox Innovation are Supporting Partners of Lightning Lab Manufacturing, which kicked off last Monday in Lower Hutt (check out the press release).

As part of our supporting partnership, the Velox Innovation Marketing Lead Elyse Wyatt is working inside the programme as the Marketing/Digital Coordinator, and on Tuesday Colart Miles and David Stokes held a workshop for the teams (more on that below).

This is the first time New Zealand's most prestigious business accelerator Lightning Lab has offered a programme specifically focusing on physical product development, and will give startups who are building or have built physical products the opportunity to rapidly accelerate their companies. 

The mentor intensive programme is based on the TechStars accelerator model, and includes three months of intense capability building and hard work. This is followed by the opportunity for companies to pitch to leading investors at a high-profile event known as Demo Day.

Lightning Lab have previously held two digital-focused programmes in Wellington, and one in Auckland. Running in parallel with Lightning Lab Manufacturing is Lightning Lab Digital happening for the first time in Christchurch. Both programmes will finish in November. 

Lightning Lab Manufacturing comes out of a partnership between Creative HQ, Callaghan Innovation, the Hutt City Council and Grow Wellington. 

We are very excited by the products due to come out of this accelerator - motion capture technology, intelligent infant feeding devices and marine rescue units to name just a few.

We will be posting regular updates on the programme via Twitter and our blog, so watch this space!

Startup Workshop

Last Tuesday we held a fantastic high-energy workshop for participants in the programme.

The workshop was designed to introduce teams to Agile methodology for physical hardware, as early on in the programme as possible, and to promote and encourage collaboration. Teams also had a chance to work with their own value propositions and business models during the day-long session.

A number of interactive 'games' were played by the group in order to rapidly accelerate learning. We strongly champion Agile for hardware development - check out our recent post 'If you haven't thought about Agile for hardware development, you probably should.'

Here are a few shots from the workshop:

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