Last week we held a fishbowl event at the Callaghan Innovation offices on the Auckland waterfront. Feedback coming out of the event indicated an innovation engagement issue - the whole ecosystem needs to be included in this conversation. 

In response, the Innovation Skills Working Group on business networking platform Linkedin has been created, so the conversations discussed in these events can be continued and shared with the innovation community.

Velox Innovation, with support from Callaghan Innovation, will be facilitating the group and events. all attendees of events have been added to the group and are able to share and comment on topics, and we are hoping to grow the group to include a diverse cross section of innovators from all over New Zealand.

The name - Innovation Skills Working Group - is currently just a placeholder, and we are looking for suggestions for a better alternative. The images below are from the June event, the first image from event facilitator and Velox Innovation co-founder Colart Miles who drew notes on the whiteboard straight from what he had heard throughout the evening. The second is a word cloud kindly drawn by attendee Dion Cawood from LIC.

Do these trigger any suggestions? How can we not just describe the group, and events, but the movement? We are keeping this name-change conversation alive in the Linkedin group discussion, so please visit the pate and submit your suggestion!