We love digital disruption, and Iove seeing businesses utilising the power of digital to grow their companies.

So we were thrilled when asked by the organisers of the third annual HR Analytics Conference if Colart could open the event, and give insights into using digital disruption to gain a competitive advantage.

The HR Analytics Conference is for HR professionals keen to learn the latest in data analytics.

We were among some heavy-hitters of the business world sharing insights - companies such as Coca-Cola Amatil, Fletcher Building, and NZME spoke of leading case studies and wisdom learnt.

The conference was jam packed full of analytics-related insights, including:

  • Necessary metrics to maximise the influence of HR
  • How to turn data into valuable insights
  • The latest in data technology, privacy and security
  • Predictive analytics, best practice reporting, and communication

Turning Digital Disruption Into Competitive Advantage

Colart's talk was was centred around the big bang of digital disruption and what it means for HR businesses, sharing information on:

  • Trends and behaviours in a digital economy
  • The future workplace as a result of digitisation
  • Innovation and information: what does it mean for traditional businesses
  • Using trends to improve performance and enhance business outcomes
  • Optimising data utilisation to gain greater competitive advantage

Arturo Pelayo provided the original slide deck which Colart used for the talk which you can find here: