What is Driving Innovation?

Driving Innovation is Callaghan Innovation's 12 month skills development programme, which is designed to help your business increase both the value and rate of it's innovation efforts. Velox Innovation helped to develop the Driving Innovation Programme and are the current delivery partner.

It’s bought a lot of velocity to projects we manage now.
— Leah Davey - Process Cleaning Technologies (PTC) IXOM

How Can It Help Your Business?

Driving Innovation will help your business by maximising:

  • The value delivered to your customers
  • The value captured by your business
  • Your return on innovation investment (ROI)

It will also help you:

  • Outpace your competition through accelerated product development
  • Embed agile innovation as a business discipline
  • Reduce portfolio waste and risk through rapid validation

Who's Doing It?


Antoni Tisot, Innovation & Development Manager at Downer NZ talks about their experience with Driving Innovation.


How Does It Work?

Driving innovation is run in your business and delivers up to 200 hours of support. This programme uses an iterative coaching approach to teach agile principles and embed these into your product development processes.

Two coaches from Velox Innovation (a capability coach and a delivery coach) will work with you and provide a programme that is tailored to suit your business. A Callaghan Innovation Advisor will also provide support.

Find out more about this programme by reading the information brochure: Download >> (PDF, 1.3MB)


Who's It For?

This programme is designed for established and growing businesses with 20+ full time equivalent staff (FTEs) that need to:

  • Access their current innovation practices
  • Increase their pace of innovation by changing traditional product development methods
  • Find and maximise value through testing and validation
  • Coaching and insight to maximise business outcomes
  • Embed new innovation practices to drive long term changes and capability

Download the full brochure >> (PDF, 1.3MB)


How Much Does It Cost?

The total cost of the programme over 12 months is $40,000 plus GST.

50% of this cost will be subsidised by Callaghan Innovation.

Download the full brochure >> (PDF, 1.3MB)


About Velox Innovation

Velox Innovation is dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses accelerate the development of high-value products and solutions. 

Our company consists of experienced innovation practitioners, with a collective 35+ year track record helping companies commercialise their ideas and technologies more effectively, profitably scale, and deliver consistent quality products with high levels of customer satisfaction. We will be working with you for the duration of the Driving Innovation programme.

Our multi-faceted team has extensive international experience with many companies across a range of industries. In addition, we have worked successfully with a number of well-known and iconic companies in New Zealand - all of who are industry leaders both here in NZ and in exporting to the world.

We combine our broad experience in the following:

  • Product development
  • Technology commercialisation
  • Agile & Lean practices
  • Business model design
  • Change management
  • Systems analysis
  • Project management

Velox Innovation was founded in early 2015 by Colart Miles and David Stokes.


How Do You Get Your Business Involved?

Ask more about how Driving Innovation can help your business.

Contact Callaghan Innovation:

  • Call 0800 4 CALLAGHAN (0800 422 552)
  • Alternatively, talk with your existing Callaghan Innovation business advisor

Contact Velox Innovation

The big thing for me is its really focused our attention on what’s important for the business, and then we’ve gone hard after those innovations that really could benefit the business at the current time.
— Mike Maunsell - Director Network Operations at Downer NZ