Velox Innovation is a group of passionate individuals dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses accelerate the development of high-value products and solutions. We are a team of Product Development, Technology Commercialisation and Agile Innovation specialists who coach high-growth startups and medium and large-sized technology companies through improved process, speed, and culture. We use some of the world's top methodologies, and are currently working with leading Kiwi businesses.

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 We provide hands-on programmes and workshops centred around increasing kiwi innovation capability. We are also passionate about the next generation of business, and support startups and entrepreneurship via startup weekends, accelerators, and innovation groups.



Velox Innovation was formed in early 2015 by Colart Miles and David Stokes - two experienced innovation practitioners with a collective 35+ year track record helping companies commercialise their ideas and technologies more effectively. Fast forward a year, and our growing business is working with some of New Zealand's leading technology companies.

Our multi-faceted team has extensive international experience with many companies across a range of industries. In addition, we have worked successfully with a number of well-known and iconic companies in New Zealand - all of who are industry leaders both here in NZ and in exporting to the world. We combine our broad experience in the following:

  • Business model design
  • Change management
  • Systems analysis
  • Product development
  • Technology commercialisation
  • Agile and Lean practices
  • Project management

We provide programmes, workshops and systems centred around increasing kiwi innovation capability, are also passionate about startups and entrepreneurship, and support a number of initiatives including startup weekends, accelerators, and innovation groups.


David Stokes

Co-Founder, Product Innovation and Process Management Leader

David has over 15 years professional expertise in project management and business systems/process optimization in a range of technology companies in New Zealand such as Telecom, EDS, Navman, Tait Electronics and NextWindow.  He then formed his own company, Technology Systems, and used his experience to transform and make-scalable smaller companies such as AeroQual, Electronic Partners, PowerShield and Teknique, using an in-business coaching model.

He is the president of PDMA-NZ (an affiliate of the Product Development and Management Association), an association that fosters networking and experience-sharing in a wide range of industries and disciplines that are involved in product development. David has a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with First Class Honors. 

David's core expertise includes:

  • Product Development
  • Technology Commercialization 
  • Project Management  and Knowledge Management Systems 
  • Agile Practices and Processes
  • Product Data Management
  • Software Engineering

David has been instrumental in helping companies commercialize their ideas and technologies more effectively, profitably scale, and deliver consistent quality products with high levels of customer satisfaction.


David Stokes:
☎ (+64) 21 348 353
Linkedin: David Stokes

Twitter: DavidStokesNZ


Colart Miles | MBA

Co-Founder, Innovation Leader, Disruptor

Colart is a seasoned Agilist with a 20+ year track record of delivering outcomes and helping organisations become more effective and nimble. He is an experienced leader specializing in new ventures and business model disruption. Past clients include Serato, NZME, Ooooby, and most recently Air New Zealand, where he was Innovation and Ventures Project Manager. He is also the founder of iTribe Consulting Ltd, which specializes in New Venture/Digital Media/Compliance Project Delivery, Agile Consulting, and Business Design.

Colart has an active public profile, which includes regular speaking engagements and involvement organizing and mentoring for Start-Up Weekend New Zealand. He holds an MBA, a Bachelor of Computer Science with Honors, and qualifications in SPOCE Project Management, Agile Project Management, and Business Management and Systems Analysis.

Colart's core expertise includes:

  • New Ventures and Business Model Disruption
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Agility Coaching (SCRUM, LEAN & KANBAN)
  • Business Design and Operational Strengthening
  • Dynamic Governance
  • User Experience Design

He is an experienced innovation leader and disruptor, with advanced knowledge of project management, governance and business design.


Colart Miles:
☎ (+64) 21 026 90741
Linkedin: Colart Miles
Twitter: @Colart

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